Managed IT

Businesses are no longer operate from 9 to 5. Production does not stop when everyone goes home. Your organization is part of the global network, how you fit in determines success or failure.

Advantec Solutions Managed IT brings a secure world to your doorstep.

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From the beginning, Advantec Solutions has built its reputation on providing organizations an end-to-end framework for success. Our services offer clients an efficient means to manage one or several computer systems or networks in a cost-effective manner.

Desktop Administration:

Advanced desktop management has transformed in recent years. Cloud-centered management has cut costs and improved efficiency. Advantec Solutions takes a pro-active approach to manage each desktop within the organization.

Our DA Client administration includes:

  • Workstation deployment connects machines to the network and configures.
  • DA system administration includes security management and monitoring
  • DA performance monitoring

Our desktop administration aims to provide a full suite of services. We seek to maintain complete and accurate documentation on each installation and configuration within the system.

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Server Administration

Our server administration team continually monitors and updates each server in the system. We make all updates and configuration changes from Advantec Solution headquarters.

Each server in the system is locked securely with only a select few having access. This step is a security measure to fend off any malware and brute force attacks.

We believe in the highest level of secure user experience available. Our team seeks to combine the massive advantages of cloud computing with the local services of server administration. This hybrid technology brings a more intelligent data-driven experience to the network.

Our efficient hybrid integration will be invisible to end-users. The system will yield a higher range of positive results from everyone connected to the network. Our continual server monitoring will pinpoint specific issues in a minimum of time.

Our server administration team configures all machines, so our clients are spending more time on projects that move the organization forward.

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Network Administration

Network administrators are highly trained technicians capable of finding bottlenecks quickly. Once discovered, our techs backtrack information packets to understand what is causing the issues.

Our network technicians are continually monitoring network speed and performance. Attaching each desktop and server to the network is an everyday role. The network is an essential part of every client’s system, and Advantec Solutions takes responsibility with great care.

Help Desk Support

We train our helpdesk personnel in finding the information about our client’s system and acting on it with speed. Help desk operations are vital to Advantec Solutions and our client’s peace of mind.

Our Help desk is available 24/7 for any issues that hamper the smooth operation of desktop, servers, or the network.

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Help desk services include:

  • A pleasant customer experience with every interaction
  • Diagnosing issues in our client’s system and solving the problem. We have trained our personnel to escalate issues to other technicians within the company.
  • Managing customer accounts and scheduling regular maintenance items
  • Minor network repairs for the company
  • Handling all incoming calls and routing to trained technicians
  • Our help desk personnel are always trying to improve the system