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How Un-managed IT Can Adversely Affect Your Business

You have great plans for your business, yet un-managed IT can hinder those plans.
No matter how great your staff may be, IT issues can impede productivity and cost you money.

Advantec Solutions; Real People, Real Solutions for Managed IT Services in OKC

Technology can slow your business to an agonizing crawl or propel the organization to unrivaled success.

Advantec Solutions takes a future-forward approach to manage your IT infrastructure. Our partnership begins with a singular goal; Your success!

We are passionate about technology; our IT solutions focus on taking your company to the next level of accomplishment.

The goal at Advantec Solutions is to be a partner in your success, not just manage your computers and network. Our team becomes part of your organization, continually offering solutions to power your company into the future.

It is our mission to bring an exciting new focus to your company’s IT needs. Once you have experienced what Advantec Solutions brings to your organization, your potential is in focus.

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Our Expertise lies in five critical areas of business prosperity.

  • Data Protection is a fundamental building block, critical to a successful foundation for the organization. Advantec Solutions brings our considerable resources to bear protecting your data. 1) Backup management 2) Loss prevention and recovery support 3) Data migration.

  • Cloud Services are the future of business. Advantec Solutions is exceedingly qualified to bring your organization into the future. We provide the following services 1) E-mail, website, and application hosting 2) Desktop virtualization 3) Resource sharing.

  • Network Security brings the world to a desktop. Networks are the communication glue that makes everything work 1) Security monitoring and Firewall administration 2) Cybersecurity 3) Application filtering.

  • Managed IT is who we are; Advantec Solutions is the premier consulting company for growing businesses. 1) Server and desktop administration 2) Network administration 3) Help Desk support.

  • IT Consulting drives growth and empowers our clients for success 1) Project management 2) Process analysis and IT development 3) Asses design and installation.

Our Managed IT Service Plans

*Professional management of your IT infrastructure focuses on building positive relationships. We believe in a constructive and enthusiastic code of conduct between our organization and yours.

*Advanced security for your company’s IT infrastructure is the fundamental goal of Advantec Solutions. Our company offers the latest advancements to eliminate malware and virus threats.

*Your infrastructure is administered by the very best technicians and trained personnel in the industry. We bring a new level of skill and expertise to your organization.

*Comprehensive support is a cornerstone of our complete service solution. When you hire Advantec Solutions as a partner, no problem is insignificant enough to overlook.

*Offload the cost burden of technology support to Advantec Solutions. Our team watches over your company’s infrastructure 24/7. You spend more time doing what you do best, Generating Profits!

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Our customers choose us for our technical competence; they remain with us because of our superior customer service.

Why Choose Advantec Solutions For Your Managed IT Services in the OKC Metro

A persistent need for competent IT personnel and consulting services exists in the IT industry. Since 1995, Advantec Solutions has targeted this need as the cornerstone of our business.

We adhere to the belief that people are profoundly treasured more to our business than the machines we service.

Owner and Founder of Advantec Solutions

James Eggert realized early in his career, an urgent need for a bridge between technology and business owners desperately seeking an advantage.

James was working in his family business, where he found technical support reps to be rude and impatient. Salespeople were interested more in getting an order, rather than uncovering a need and locating a solution.

A majority of the time, James had the solution before the technical support rep could find the time to respond. The creation of Advantec Solutions was a logical step for the young entrepreneur.

Improving the bridge between client and technology is a fundamental focus of Advantec Solutions.

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Advantec Solutions strives to be a pathway for our clients unfamiliar with the accelerating speed of technological advancements. Business IT can be a blur to our patrons who depend on its successful execution. Our technicians and support personnel always stand behind every aspect of our business.

Strength and Opportunity with IT Service Management

  • Manage your business; let us manage your IT infrastructure. Our service is proactive, meaning we are continually monitoring your computers and network. When issues are discovered, our technicians take action and fix the problem.
    Our proactive, managed solution means you can get back to the business of running your company without having to worry about your IT. Our staff is continually monitoring your needs for updates, maintenance, and any changes that may be needed.
  • Our pricing is a simple per-user solution
  • For Less Than the Cost of Staffed Technicians, we provide a team of IT Specialists. Advantec Solutions becomes your partner, enhancing productivity, sales, and profitability.
    Each of our service plans includes daily or weekly backups of your entire data file. Included is anti-virus software to thwart malicious malware and threats to your system. Our manageable monthly expense plans allow business owners to predict costs for decisive planning.
    Our plans are flexible while adding or deleting the services you need. As your business and our partnership grow, our service scales with you.
  • Fast IT Resolutions, helpdesk support, and remote administration are part of our service. There is no need to be concerned about extra costs for unexpected breakdowns. Our pricing structure takes everything into account. If there is ever a need for support, pick up the phone and call one of our technicians.
    Advantec Solution’s remote capabilities provide answers over the phone. Logging in to one of our computer from the headquarters, controls costs, and is a tremendous advantage over our competition. In most cases, the only time we need to visit will be for scheduled maintenance.
  • Advantec Solutions Guarantees Maximum uptime for your staff. Managing your infrastructure proactively means little downtime and higher productivity. Our technicians are continually monitoring your system. If we are alerted to a problem, in most cases, the issue can be resolved in minutes, rather than hours or days.

Our goal is to keep you online and productive.

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