Data Protection

Let Advantec Protect your Data Foundation

At the heart of every successful business is a secure data foundation. Business leaders know, protecting their valuable intelligence should only be offered to trusted sources. Advantec Solutions empowers your organization for success.

As your business grows, so does the complexity of your data. More sources mean adding personnel, each with a file that grows exponentially. New divisions see mounds of data to mine for sales leads and business intelligence.

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Advantec Solutions provide cutting-edge technology to turn your information into a competitive advantage. Protecting that information is essential to success.

  • Our Backup Management services offer secure knowledge in recovery backups if the information is lost. Our technicians delete obsolete data files, check to ensure backups are viable and backups are stored securely.
  • Advantec Solutions offers industry-leading recovery services. We offer options for small businesses, enterprise solutions, and government.
  • Data migration is an essential offering of Advantec Solutions. As companies grow and expand to other regions, transferring data from one system to another is vitally important. Keeping the integrity of that data intact is just as important.
  • We can apply our data loss prevention solutions to any size business or enterprise. Our strategies for preventing accidental loss of data lead the industry. Advantec’s monitoring systems prevent unwanted destruction of sensitive information.

Advantec Solutions meets every challenge head-on. We solve your security issues and offer a multitude of channels for prosperity.

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Protecting business data in today’s regulated world is a challenge. Our solutions provide data protection to comply with health, government, and other data sensitive industries. We offer fully compliant diverse data protection solutions.

A considerable number of companies are dealing with a lack of skilled personnel in cybersecurity and data protection. Experts agree a lack of skilled personnel will only widen in the years to come. Consider Advantec Solutions as a partner for these gaps in coverage.

Optional Services We Offer:

  • If you lose any of your data, a trained technician will attempt recovery of the hard drive
  • Advantec will use a class 100 cleanroom to recover lost data and/or rebuild the drive
  • Any recovered company data is sent to our client by way of secure external USB flash drive, CD, or HDD depending on the amount of data recovered.
  • Once the data is recovered, the media remains with the client

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Advantec Solutions has grown to include a variety of managed services for loss prevention. Some trends we believe in are cloud functionality and how to best use this emerging technology for your business.

Complicated supply chains, government regulations, and the sheer amount of data have brought on alternative ways to think about loss prevention. Advantec Solutions offers the latest in technology, including hardware and software remedies.

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Advanced threat protection is another reality our company takes seriously. Data breaches have seen a dramatic rise in recent years, Advantec remains at the forefront of solutions for these significant issues.

Your company’s data is secure when you choose Advantec Solutions for your loss prevention provider.