About Us

Advantec Solutions

Full-Spectrum IT – Since 1995…
(We’ve been around longer than Google and Facebook.)

We understand IT from the perspective of providing decades of  practical, professional technical support to hundreds (arguably thousands) of clients.


Advantec Solutions will strive to become the most trusted, well-respected technologies support firm in this region. Through dedication to professionalism and positive patron relationships, we will continue to define personalized support and competent service for the entire IT industry.


Advantec Solutions was founded on the premise that the IT industry has, since it’s early development, been in consistent need for competent, personable, and genuinely helpful IT solutions providers. We target this need as a basis for our operations. We maintain that people have been, and will always be, remarkably more important than the devices that serve them. We also recognize that a technological construct is only as good as its ability to be used to the full extent that its user intends. Knowing this, and because most people who seek to use technology are not in the IT business, our patrons should not be required to know IT, in order to use IT. We will strive to be a bridge for those who seek to make practical use out of today’s technological advances.