Small Business IT Support for Data Protection

One major reason you should consider small business IT support is for preventing data loss. Managed backups are much more reliable than a traditional backup.

Managed Backups

You might think that just because you have a backup of your important files you will be covered if data loss occurs. This unfortunately is a very bad assumption. There is always a small chance that the data you thought you were backing up cannot be recovered. Files can be corrupted and if that occurs then you are left without important documents. Even if you have working backups, it can take a very long time to restore your data. Many small businesses do not have the time to wait for this potentially long process.

Managed IT Backup

Our Managed IT packages include a managed backup solution. Our system, called Advantec ProData Solutions, is the only backup you will need to make sure your data is secure. You will no longer need to worry about faulty backups or slow recovery.


It is frightening to know that you and your business are very reliant on your computer’s hard drives functioning properly to store your business data. Just think about all the data you currently have; would you be able to continue to thrive if those hard drives suddenly crash? How about if you were to lose an entire years worth of data, or even all of it?

It is very important to know that you can avoid that data loss. It will help you avoid the stress of the unknown and help you focus on your business needs. It will give you the ability to relax at the end of the day.

Feel free to contact us today if you have a small business without a managed backup in play. Do not leave your data to chance. All of the work you will have to do to recover it would take longer than it takes to set up a smart way to recover it before it happens.

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