IT Outsourcing

Should You Outsource Your IT Support?

As your business grows, so do its computing resources. At first, perhaps you had someone with computer experience manage them while doing other tasks as well. Eventually, though, the IT tasks become demanding enough that they need someone’s full-time attention.

Bringing in a new employee to manage IT isn’t always the best solution. It’s difficult for one person to be an expert on all its aspects. Problems may turn up at any time of day or night, and even if your IT person is always on call, there’s a limit to how much you can push that. There can be bursts of activity when you wish you had two or three people, followed by periods when there’s little to do.

IT Outsourcing

In growth situations like this, outsourced IT support can provide a better solution. Your support team includes people with varied expertise who are available when you need them. You get a number of benefits:

– Focus on your business. Your business can concentrate on its own area of expertise, with fewer worries about computer equipment.

– Better control of costs. You’re paying for the services you need, instead of paying salaries for people through both busy and slow periods.

– Improved security. A professional support team understands the latest security issues. One IT person working alone may not have the in-depth knowledge to provide the same level of security.

– A broader set of resources. Even a small network includes different kinds of devices; an outsourced IT support team will have specialists for all of them.

An article by Richard Healy discusses the Benefits and risks of outsourcing IT support. The benefits include time and cost control and access to expertise. The risks, such as loss of control and confidentiality, point out the need to choose a provider that is reliable and well suited to the business, rather than the cheapest one available.

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