Full Spectrum IT Services

The Full Spectrum plan is the most competitive and comprehensive managed IT services plan offered in the area with advanced security protection, and premium services.

• Unlimited Remote Helpdesk • Remote-Ready Capability
• OS & 3rd Party Patch Management • Hardware & Process Status Monitoring
• Routine Anti-Virus Updates & Scans • Workstation Data Backup
• Resource Optimization • Preventative Maintenance
• Onsite Service* •

• Unlimited Helpdesk Support • Managed Backup
• Patch Management • Server & Process Status Monitoring
• Network Administration • Onsite Service*
• Resource Optimization • Preventative Maintenance

• Network Administration • Unlimited Remote Helpdesk Support
• Router Management • Onsite Service*

• Exchange Hosting • Website Hosting
• Managed Email • Server Exchange Management
• Virtual Private Servers • Virtual Private Networks

• Web Development • Database Support
• Security Consulting • Training

• Urgent helpdesk or onsite support are escalated to put you at the front of the line.

Office software for your everyday business productivity is included.
• Priority scheduling for service requests.

• Network Security Monitoring • Military-Grade Encryption
• Next Generation Firewalls • Gateway Anti-Malware
• Website & Content Filtering • SPAM-Blocking

A security package with a layered-defense data protection framework that protects,
1) Information Security (The Network)
2) Information Privacy (The Data)

The Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) serves as a “security perimeter.”
The Intrusion Detection System (IDS) monitors network devices, switches, routers, and firewalls for security events and creates logs of who, what, where, and when of any activity.

• Detects potential threats and vulnerabilities such as port scanning, probes, spoofing, and DOS.
• Detects unwanted manipulation of computer systems & data through deep-packet inspection.
• Detects data driven attacks on applications, host based attacks such as privilege escalation, unauthorized login & access to sensitive files, and Malware (viruses, Trojan horses, and worms)

Let us be your IT Department and you will see why we’ve been in business for 22 years.