Improve Server Administration Through Virtualization

Average data centers and network server rooms contain a large number of servers. Different workloads, user activity, and other key factors determine which and when each server is used. For the servers that are being used to their full capacity, companies must still spend money, energy, and resources on maximizing their uptime, keeping them updated and preventing them from crashing or overheating. Advantec Solutions eliminates this waste by helping companies virtualize or consolidate those physical servers onto fewer, more powerful energy efficient servers.

Server Virtualization

A single physical server can become multiple Virtual Machines or VMs. The VMs reside on the energy efficient server, which then imitates or pretends to be multiple servers on the network. The virtual server environment is transparent to the network. Users interact with virtual servers as if they were still multiple physical servers, only now they are hosted from a solitary piece of hardware. Instead of maintaining, powering and cooling a large number of servers, companies will have to maintain power and cool just a few.

Desktops can be virtualized just like the servers. Having every desktop PC run individually can waste energy, time and valuable resources to maintain while increasing the risk of data loss or theft immensely. Data security is improved greatly in the desktop virtualization environments, as personal and sensitive data is not stored on the thin clients or endpoints but is stored at the Data Center where the servers reside. Thin clients give users the same abilities they always had without having to worry about keeping PC maintenance, individual software updates or having their hard drives crash. On top of that, they’re more efficient than PCs.

The benefits of virtualization on your servers and desktops are improving day by day. Without IT virtualization, your company is falling behind the curve. Time, money, and energy continues to get wasted by keeping your systems in the state they are in now. Whether you’re a new business setting up your computer systems or an established business with support systems already in place, Advantec Solutions can help virtualize your desktops and servers.

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